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Reasons for Compliance

Stay on top of your Regulatory Compliance with RIA Review

Financial penalties, jail time, damage to company’s reputation, and business disruptions are a few issues to name when it comes to the costs associated with regulatory noncompliance. Regulatory compliance requires all organizations to follow all relevant polices, laws, and guidelines.  Compliance gives a firm’s clients the assurance they need to understand that the firm is operating properly.  Violation of these statutes can lead to legal punishments including fines and jail time.

Small and mid-sized companies are affected more than large corporations due to smaller staffing for regulatory compliance.  SMBs have to spend their hard-earned money to make sure they comply with all the regulations as a small mistake could prove fatal for the company.

Keeping up with regulatory requirements, generating internal procedures, documenting and implementing them, SEC compliance, SEC audit prep possesses a real challenge for firms. Oftentimes, advisors for small and mid-sized companies remain occupied with competing priorities.  As a result, compliance is neglected or is handed to an attorney who keeps track of these requirements, but lawyers can be costly.  These issues can result in a complicated situation: (1) advisors have to deal with regulators without the right resources and/or (2) firms do not have enough time or money to maintain their compliance programs.  This is where we RIA Review comes in.

RIA Review Compliance Software

RIA Review provides user-friendly online compliance management software.  The key benefit is that firms can manage their entire compliance program and stay up to date with relevant regulations in one place. The software is geared to break down compliance requirements and give every user a system to remain prepared for an examination.

Benefits of RIA Compliance Software Tools

1.      A cloud-based compliance directory to store required books and records
2.      Review Center to schedule audit of firm policies/procedures
3.      Forms/Agreements to update documentation
4.      News and Updates to customize compliance calendar

Compliance Management

As the number of regulatory issues has increased in the last decade, adhering to compliance has become an important part of all organizations. This increasing trend has led to the growth in chief compliance officer positions along with a group of employees whose sole effort is to make sure the organization follows all the mandatory regulations.  

Regulatory compliance is a must for small and mid-sized businesses, as these regulations protect a business interests and its employees.  With RIA Review documenting and maintain compliance is streamlined and secure.

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